G O R D O N   O C H I E N G

I really like writing code.

Especially in Kotlin and Scala.


Currently a software engineer at APA Insurance. Worked previously as a product engineer for Africastalking and lead Android engineer for E-limu. Worked also as volunteer at Aga Khan University Hospital assisting in the implementation of the Health Management Information System.

When I'm not coding I'm probably trying out some recipes, watching/playing some sport or trying out board games.

Selected Personal Projects


UbaPesa is Kenya’s #1 peer to peer lending app! It’s a one stop app that brings together lenders and borrowers in one app.


A recipe mobile application with lots of recipes ranging from vegetarian, non-vegetarian, seafood to drinks with an African touch.


It's a competitive quiz based application that tests one's knowledge about a vast array of topics and subjects with the aim of educating people on different topics and current affairs.

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